Market Research: Surveys and Questionnaires

Questionnaires are still very much the cornerstone for market research and the effectiveness of the questions will be determined by the quality and structure of the questionnaire itself. By ignoring this fact, the results you obtain may be irrelevant, inaccurate and even inconclusive. This E-book will help explain how to structure and develop your questionnaire in order to gain a response that can be used for an accurate analysis and constructive feed back.

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Author: Bob Keiser

Edition: 4th Edition

Publisher : 4th Edition

Some of the Features of this Book:

  • Ways of issuing questionnaires.
  • Which people to target with your survey and questionnaire.
  • Types of questions for the questionnaire.
  • Examples of questionnaires.
  • Structuring the questionnaire.
  • Designing the questionnaire.
  • Doing your sample survey with the questionnaire.
  • Planning the survey.
  • How to write the questionnaire.
  • Survey fieldwork.

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Great book for designing questionnaires. H. Walker, Cincinnati, OH

We were able to target market our own marketing questionnaires and avoid expensive third party vendors. F. Bandar, Plano, TX

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Market Research: Surveys and Questionnaires
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