Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business! eBook

Start Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business!

Starting a successful Carpet Cleaning Business does not happen by accident. This book will show you how to carefully plan to start your Carpet Cleaning Business. Then the book will explain how to manage your business on a day to day basis with information about market analyze, target market, advertising, employee records and training, accounting, bookkeeping and much more. Start your Carpet Cleaning Business today, the right way!

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Book Details

Features of the Book:

  • How to start and operate your own Carpet Cleaning Business!
  • How to clean carpets, the fast and easy way!
  • How to get your customers.
  • How to get referrals and referral program!
  • How to get other people to do the work for you!
  • You will learn all about carpet cleaning machines, vacuums, scrubbers, flood restoration, and how to get your equipment at Bargain Basement prices!
  • Examples of flyers, clipart, checklists and forms.
  • You also get our “Six Building Blocks to Successful Business”™ free!
Digital Download$24.95
FREE Updates & Lifetime Access
Paperback $34.95
USA, Canada & Mexico Only

Product Reviews

Your customer service group was a great help in helping me locate the book I needed to start up my own carpet cleaning service. N. Aissaoui, Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Thank you for all of your help. This was a great product. C. Lopez, Valencia, CA

Thank you for all of your help on getting this carpet cleaning business start up. D. Mazariegos, Austin, TX

The book I bought was a great product. Your company really helped my carpet cleaning business get started. R. Walker, Irvington, NJ

You are right, I earned $160 my very first day with only 2 jobs. Now, I usually have 6-10 jobs every weekend and squeezing in another 6 during the week. Finally, the bills are paid on time! A. Anderson, Jacksonville, FL

Sorry to say you underestimated the money you can make in this business! I am earning over $250 a day in profit and have two people other working for me! The money I spent for your book is the best money I ever spent.  N. Bush, Dallas, TX

I received your book and I would like to say how pleased I'm with it. I live in Ireland and I was a bit concerned that it would not be reverent here. It will be a big help to me. I'm sure I will buy other publications in the future. If there is a publication you think would help me with MARKETING please do recommend it. I have already sourced the most professional equipment available, and the proper training. The next step is proper Marketing, and which happens to be my weakest link.  Tom Murphy Co. Limerick Ireland - Rep. Of (Eire)