Start Your Own Firewood Business! eBook

Start Your Own Firewood Business!

Starting a successful Firewood Business does not happen by accident. This book will show you how to carefully plan to start your Firewood Business. Then the book will explain how to manage your business on a day to day basis with information about market analyze, target market, advertising, employee records and training, accounting, bookkeeping and much more. Start your Firewood Business today, the right way!

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Book Details

Some of the Features of the Book:

  • THE SECRET to selling tons of firewood everyday!
  • How to get your firewood business started the best way.
  • Developing new customers and accounts for your firewood business.
  • The best way to approach potential customers and make the sale.
  • How to analyze the firewood competition to determine the best way to compete in your market area.
  • How much to charge for your firewood services and how to determine the pricing structures.
  • How to use coupons and discounts to increase the sales and the profits in your firewood business.
  • How to package different size bundles of firewood; do it right and do it fast!
  • The perfect delivery system!
  • Examples of flyers, clipart, checklists and forms.
Digital Download$24.95
FREE Updates & Lifetime Access
Paperback $34.95
USA, Canada & Mexico Only

Product Reviews

I am not planning on opening up my own firewood for sometime. Since I have bought your book, it has really made me realize all the aspects of the firewood business I did not think about before. J. Cangialosi, Shelby Twp, MI

Thank you for your quick service and excellent customer care. M. McGrath, Tucson, AZ

I have always wanted to own my own firewood and since I have been doing so much research on the subject over the past year, I have found your book to be the most helpful in getting everything together to get my firewood business going. Thank you for your help. J. Connolly, Mt. Victory, OH

This was a great book. I will be recommending you to anyone who wants to open up their own small business. D. Gustin, Milwaukee, WI

I have worked in the firewood industry for about 9 years and since I have had the idea of opening my own firewood business, I was not sure where to start. Thank you for providing this since it helped me so much in the planning. The author really knows the secret to selling firewood! R. Walker, North East, PA

Your secret of how to really make money selling firewood really works! Who would have thought that it would be so easy to make that kind of money. D. Long, Des Moines, IA