Human Resources: Independent Contractors

This book was written by Dr. Reeves to give any potential small employer or anyone starting a business that will be utilizing the independent contractor status as a way to operate their business the ability to understand and comply with the rules and regulations that govern the independent contractor classification.

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Author: Dan Reeves

Edition: 4th Edition

Publisher :

Some of the Features of this Book:

  • How to work as an independent contractor.
  • How to hire independent contractors.
  • IRS rules and regulations with expert advice on how to comply.
  • Potential IRS Actions and how to preserve your independent contractor status.
  • The Pros and Cons of being or hiring an independent contractor.
  • How to determine the pricing of your services as an independent contractor.
  • How to collect and ensure payment for your independent contractor services.
  • How to determine and pay estimated IRS taxes as an independent contractor.
  • Case Studies are provided.
  • A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to hiring independent contractors.
  • The required documentation you will need when you hire independent contractors.
  • Links to IRS resources to help you understand the law and comply.
  • Links to IRS and Department of Labor forms that you need.
  • Sample independent contractor agreements that you can use whether you are the independent contractor or when you hire independent contractors.
  • Links to online independent contractor agreements.
  • A complete list of all US state government websites.

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“This book answered my questions about using IC in my contracting business. Thanks.” P. Menifee, Eugene, OR

“After purchasing the beauty salon book, I bought this book to use with my IC hair cutting stations. Great information.” B. Zielke, Butler, WI

“Good information to anyone using independent contractors for any type of work.” D. Small, Hamilton, OH

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Human Resources: Independent Contractors
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