Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business Today!

One of the most complete books you'll find on how to Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business Today from the ground up. This book will show you how to carefully plan to start your Window Cleaning Service. Then the book will explain how to manage your business on a day to day basis with information about market analyze, target market, advertising, employee records and training, accounting, bookkeeping and much more. Start your Window Cleaning Service today, the right way!

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Start Your Own Window Cleaning Business Today!
The Business Plan for Your Window Washing Service
Author: James Coates
Published: ©2004, Revised 2011 – Fourth Edition
Contents of Package: Seventy nine (79) pages.
Availability: The book can be downloaded or ordered in paperback.
Download File System Requirements: Adobe Reader 9.0 or newer. Windows and Mac compatible.
Some of the Features of this Book:
  • How to get your window washing business started the best way.
  • Developing new customers and accounts for your window washing business.
  • The best way to approach potential customers and make the sale.
  • How to determine the products and services that you provide in the operation of your window washing business.
  • How to use sub-contractors to do some of the work for you.
  • Rules and Regulations that can affect your window washing business.
  • How to analyze the window washing competition to determine the best way to compete in your market area.
  • How much to charge for your window washing services and how to determine the pricing structures.
  • How pricing can affect your window washing business.
  • The equipment and supplies you will need and website links to help you find those items that are best for your window washing business.
  • 100 ways to increase your window washing business.
  • How to use coupons and discounts to increase the sales and the profits in your window washing business.
  • Customer loyalty and rewards programs for your window washing business!
  • How to clean windows; do it right and do it fast!
  • Examples of flyers, clipart, checklists and forms.
  • You also get our “Six Building Blocks to Successful Business”™ free!
Promotional Details:The list of possibilities for the success of your new window cleaning business is endless. We’ll show you how can use this service to make a steady income with repeat customers
Download Information: When you purchase your book, you can immediately download it to your computer. The file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Your information was really helpful. I will be getting my window cleaning business started very soon thanks to your help. M. Raimondo, Bedminster, NJ
There was so much information that I did not know that I needed to start up a window cleaning business until I read your book. Thanks for helping me getting everything I needed together to get my dream off the ground. D. Moghimi, Lake Mary, FL
Great product. I will be recommending you to anyone who wants to start up a window cleaning business. R. Lynch, Quincy, MA
I have been in the window cleaning for some time now and I have to say this is a great book for helping start up my own window cleaning service. D. Thornhill, Harker Heights, TX
Your customer service group was a great help in helping me locate the book I needed to start up my own window cleaning service. R. Bowcock, Winter Garden, FL
Thank you for all of your help. This was a great product. R. Sullivan, Bedford, IN
I would give anything to have gotten a hold of this book years ago. The step by step instructions on how to set up my business and get customers was just amazing! What a great book at a great price! J. Ashcroft, Mobile, AL