Human Resources Management eBook

Human Resources Management

Hiring and retaining the best employees does not happen by accident. This book will show you how to find, hire and manage the best people for maximum productivity. The book will guide you through developing your policies and procedures and formulating your own Employee Handbook. It will help you establish an environment where employees can reach their full potential and enrich your business. 

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Book Details

Some of the Features of this Book:

  • 20 Customizable Forms ... Job Description, Application, Orientation Checklist, Offer Letter, Discussion forms, Training Plan, Performance, and more!
  • How to develop policies and procedures and formulate a Procedures Guide
  • Improve profitability with your attendance program
  • How to create the best working environment for maximum employee satisfaction
  • How to hire and keep the best people
  • Writing and using an effective job description
  • Design your compensation system
    • Establish goals
    • Set salary ranges
    • Fair and Equitable
    • Affordable
  • How to determine benefits that you will offer
  • Where to find the most up-to-date laws and regulations governing the management of human resources
  • How to recruit, hire, train and retain the best people
    • Writing the job description
    • Advertising
    • Interviewing
    • Hiring
  • Effective employee Communication
  • Performance management...Getting the best out of your people
  • Coaching and Counseling for maximum effectiveness
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to set up employee recognition systems to increase employee satisfaction and encourage longevity of your workforce
  • Links to local and government websites to assist you in the management of all phases of human resources
Digital Download$24.95
FREE Updates & Lifetime Access
Paperback $34.95
USA, Canada & Mexico Only