New Customer Development Program

How to get new accounts and new customers is the #1 concern of any business.  How to get the new customers you need to provide the income your business requires is a matter of prime importance to survival and growth. Many businesses, large and small, approached new customer acquisition in a haphazard, unplanned, and uncoordinated way. The results are usually disappointing, expensive, and inadequate from the standpoint of a contribution of to the profitability and success of your business.

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Author: Kyle Norman, George West & Renee Kennison

Edition: 4th Edition

Publisher :

Some of the Features of this Book:

  • The Six Steps to getting your new customers, clients and accounts.
  • How to understand your customers needs.
  • How to know who your clients are and where they are located
  • How to conduct your own full scale market research with emphasis on the two ways to conduct your market research
  • The four methods for getting your first customers for start-up businesses!
  • How to implement a successful marketing program!
  • How to use direct mail, telemarketing, printed materials, exhibitions, surveys, websites, promotions, press releases and public relations to acquire new customers, clients and accounts.
  • How to develop a customer retention program.
  • How keep your customers coming back!
  • How to establish Loyalty and Rewards programs!
  • Includes six bonus sections with information regarding community work, advertising, exploring business opportunities, financing your business, pricing policies and income goals.        

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Five Stars!  This is the most comprehensive book I have found to locate new customers.  P. Slaydon, Pelham, NC

I have increased my client accounts using just a few of your suggestions.  A must read for anyone starting a new business.  D. Ferrell, Evergreen Park, IL

My gift shop was struggling to get profitable.  Your book helped me increase my customer base and establish a rewards program.  Great to see black on the bottom line instead of red.  H. Lindquist, Valencia, CA

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New Customer Development Program
How to Start Your Own Business!

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