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The Company is focused on the needs of new entrepreneurs and small business. The Company’s main focus is to assist new entrepreneurs achieve success in their new businesses. The Company will offer products and services designed to help small business do more business.

“Helping Small Business Do More Business Since 2003!”

Download file(s) for products are immediately available on your confirmation page. The download file(s) always remain available on your member page. You will also receive an email from our Customer Service Department with the download file(s) attached and instructions on how to download your purchase. 

You can always access your download files on your member page. To access your download files on your member page, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on Login at the top right corner of the site.
  2. Click on My Orders in the middle box.
  3. The Order Number is shown and you click on the blue View box.
  4. The download files will be on this page.

As our refund policy states on our website, download files are considered opened software. Due to distribution agreements with authors, publishers and/or literary agents, we are unable to refund credit card payments for the download files. 

You can view our entire Credit Card Policy on our website on our Privacy Policy page

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BusinessBookstore.com does offer Institutional discounts for schools, libraries and other accredited entities. To inquire about Institutional Sales, please contact our Institutional Sales Department by email at corporate@BusinessBookstore.com