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Business Startup Kit: From Vision to Profit

Business Startup Kit: From Vision to Profit

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Dive into the world of entrepreneurship with our meticulously crafted box set, featuring three essential guides: "How to Start Your Own Business," "90-Day Business Planner," and "Profit Journal." This trio is your perfect companion in transforming your business idea into reality. 

How to Start Your Own Business: This foundational guide offers step-by-step instructions and practical advice for budding entrepreneurs. Learn to navigate the challenges of starting a business, from idea to execution.

90-Day Business Planner: Specifically designed for new ventures, this planner helps you focus and organize your business goals. With a 90-day timeline, it ensures a strong and structured start, setting you on a path to success.

Profit Journal: A crucial tool for financial management, this journal allows you to meticulously record sales and expenses. Its intuitive layout aids in calculating profits, ensuring you stay financially informed and on top of your business game.

Together, these books provide the knowledge, structure, and financial insight needed for a flourishing business. Start your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and clarity!

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"Don't Fear Failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today."

Included with your box set...

How to Start Your Own Business

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with this comprehensive guide. From concept to launch, learn essential strategies for starting a successful business. Discover practical tips on market research, funding, branding, and more, making your business journey both enlightening and achievable.

  • Overcome uncertainty: Clear, step-by-step guidance helps you navigate the process of starting a business with confidence.
  • Build a solid foundation: Master the fundamentals of market research, competitive analysis, and branding to create a strong foundation for your business's success.
  • Customize your approach: Tailor your business plan and strategy to your unique strengths, resources, and market opportunities with customizable worksheets and templates.

90-Day Business Planner

This planner is a catalyst for your entrepreneurial dreams. Structured for a 90-day period, it helps you set achievable goals, organize your tasks, and track progress. Tailored for startups, it's an invaluable tool for turning your vision into a tangible, thriving business in just three months.

  • Streamline your planning process: Say goodbye to overwhelm and uncertainty with a structured framework that guides you through the essential steps of launching your business within a 90-day timeframe.
  • Stay focused and accountable: Keep your priorities front and center with daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages designed to help you stay focused on what matters most and track your progress towards your goals.

Profit Journal

Master your financials with the Profit Journal. Designed for diligent tracking of sales and expenses, this journal simplifies profit calculation and financial oversight. Its user-friendly format is perfect for entrepreneurs keen on maintaining a healthy financial pulse of their growing business.

  • Simplify financial tracking: Easily record your monthly income and expenses in a structured format, eliminating the hassle of complex spreadsheets or accounting software.
  • Gain clarity on your bottom line: Calculate your monthly profits effortlessly using the provided template, allowing you to understand your business's financial performance at a glance.

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

  • 30-Day Guarantee

    100% Guaranteed

    We want you to feel great about your decision. Take your time to enjoy your purchase and put the proven strategies to work for your new business. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 30 days of purchasing the product, and we will issue you a full 100% product refund.

  •  “What a great book for helping someone like me that has not owned a business before. You covered all the bases.” 

    - C. Hardee - Sheffield Village, OH

  •  “This is a must read for any new entrepreneur.” 

    - J. Beven - Port Angeles, WA

  •  “I bought the book for my son that was starting an organic vegetable farm. The information supported some of the things that I have been trying to tell him.” 

    - B. Sells - Fountain Hills, AZ