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Stepping Your Way Through Venture Capital Funding

Stepping Your Way Through Venture Capital Funding

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Having spent fifteen years in the Venture Capital business, I have seen it all. Good ideas ruined by bad businessmen, good companies raided by greed and great potential fail. I have also seen smart businessmen take small steps to build a successful business, great ideas flourish and many victories in selecting the right company to provide the financial backing that your company needs.

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  • Plan

    • Develop Market Research
    • Calculate Startup Costs
    • Write Your Business Plan
    • Funding Your Business
  • Start

    • Choose Your Business Structure
    • Choose Your Business Name
    • Register Your Business
    • Pick Your Business Location
  • Grow

    • Hire and Manage Employees
    • Marketing and Sales
    • Accounting & Cash Flow
    • Developing New Customers
    • Provides you the information you need to understand how Venture Capital works and how to make it work for you.
    • Explains how to find Venture Capital funding.
    • Explains the role of the business plan.
    • Guidelines for the Management Team selection process.
    • What to do and what not to do in approaching a Venture Capitalist.
    • You are provided insights from the Venture Capital side of the deal.
    • An explanation of the types of Venture Capitalists, firms and funds.
    • The stages of the Venture Capital funding process.
    • The explanation of what a Venture Capital firm or fund will want in return for their investment in your company.
    • What the Venture Capital firm or fund will provide you and your company.
    • The qualities of an investment opportunity as seen through the eyes of a Venture Capitalist.
    • The four (4) steps of Venture Capital funding.
    • What it takes to get Venture Capital funding.
    • How your company will be valued and what that means in the funding process.
    • The top business sectors for funding.
    • A list of over ninety (90) Venture Capital firms, funds and individuals is provided alphabetically and by industry with contact information.
    • A glossary of terms that you will need to know in dealing with a Venture Capital firm or fund.
    • Frequently asked questions.
    • Special section on why businesses fail from the Venture Capitalist that has seen it all.

    About the Author: Mr. Miller spent fifteen (15) years running his own successful venture capital firm, ACIG, Inc. ACIG, Inc. specialized in first round, start-up financing of new companies. Working directly with new prospective business owners gave Mr. Miller a very insightful look at the mistakes and errors that these business owners made when approaching a venture capitalist. The steps in this book are well explained and based on years of experience in funding start-up companies. Mr. Miller’s knowledge and advice will help you understand the process of approaching a venture capital firm, what you need to know, and what you need to do to create the greatest possibility of success in your funding search.

"Don't Fear Failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today."

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